Social Media & Internet Investigations

All research and data must be collected by a bona fide licensed private investigator for continuity and credibility. Do not be fooled by so called specialists or do it yourself methods that may contaminate the evidence and are illegal.

Our highly trained social media and internet investigators have been using the internet and social networks in their investigations since their inception. With the huge growth of Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, actionable information can quickly be compiled and if need be, used as admissible evidence in court.

Whether it is a worker’s compensation case, personal injury, civil lawsuit or child custody case, our investigators will peruse social media sites for the purpose of obtaining photographs and to corroborate personal information in an attempt to construct a sociological profile of their subjects/suspects.

Our investigators have been trained to capture social media and internet information in an ethical way to ensure that the data collected is acquired legally and is admissible in court.  We will provide a detailed report of the sourced information.  Our investigators can also testify to all the collected information.

Most people think of social media as just Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but don’t realize that there are  200 + popular social media sites used worldwide. There are literally billions of websites, blogs, social networks, and other online platforms used for information and communications that span the globe.

Our investigators have an intimate knowledge of not only the technology but also how it can be obtained legally/ethically to successfully conduct an online investigation. Our investigators have a tried and true method of legally obtaining information from the internet following all Federal laws including those that regulate the insurance and legal industry.

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