Private Investigation and Security Services

We offer Private Investigation Services as well as security consultations and specialize in legal and forensic investigations, intelligence and protective services.

  • We have a dual responsibility to act in the public interest while considering the societal consequences that best represent our clients.
  • Our objective is to provide Professional Consultation leading to thorough examination or investigation of each case. This is critical to informed decision making and/or trial success.

Our aim is to provide successful intelligence which combines our technical skills in gathering together the relevant facts and admissible evidence which our clients may confidently present before a court or other tribunal.

All of our dedicated professionals use their training in the techniques of investigation, intelligence and forensic procedure, to assist our clients in achieving a desired result, whether it is a favorable judgment, an agreeable settlement, or an amicable disposition.

Our members include professionals who have been associated with investigation and security units in private industry, government, police and intelligence agencies worldwide. All team members remain updated in applicable laws, research and development techniques.

Associates for technical and specialized support are used to assist with the development of creative strategies, methods and tactics.

Our operational base extends worldwide and our clients include the legal profession, the insurance industry, multi-national corporations, government, law enforcement, the corporate business and financial community, as well as select cases from the private and public sector.

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