Technical Surveillance

Do you suspect that you have an information leak because of electronic eavesdropping? You may require technical surveillance counter measures.

There have been many cases where corporate trade secrets have been compromised and sometimes in rare cases executives have been kidnapped for ransom due to inside information gained by wiretaps and bugs. Criminals have also been able to gain access to telephone data lines using electronic bugs enabling computer theft and the alteration of computer records.

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At Investigation Hotline, our skilled private investigators can help to protect yourself and your company from invasions and thefts due to surveillance wiretaps and bugs. Using The BEST Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) our professional private investigator will bug sweep computer lines, telephones, and office spaces to identify and eliminate all electronic eavesdropping and wiretaps, hidden cameras and surveillance devices.

Our expertise and knowledge used in conjunction with our state of the art equipment make us invaluable to any corporation that suspects they have an information leak. If you feel you are a victim of an information leak, or just for your peace of mind you should act quickly and contact Investigation Hotline today.

It is always better to be SAFE than sorry when your livelihood and privacy are at stake.

Mobile Surveillance

Investigation Hotline utilizes expert private investigation skills coupled with state-of-the-art technology to efficiently gather evidence. The use of covert equipment and specialized training enable our private investigators to handle the many unique situations which may arise.

Surveillance can be conducted for a variety of reasons including matrimonial investigations, employee investigations, fraud, theft, cheating spouses and insurance fraud. Video Surveillance can be employed to document a person’s daily activities, who they meet with, the person’s lifestyle or whatever other facts you are interested in investigating.

Our skilled private investigators are trained in covert professional surveillance techniques such as detailed notes, photographs, and video footage of a subject’s activities, while remaining virtually invisible to the target.

Surveillance serves an important role in investigations. It is a lawful activity for licensed detectives and is considered as evidence in court.

Professional private investigators must be licensed. In Ontario it falls under the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services. We stay current on all applicable laws and technology.

Static (Fixed Surveillance)

Static Surveillance involves observing activities from a non-mobile location, such as an outdoor area, apartment building or the back of a vehicle.

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