The Best Kind of Private Investigators Out There

, | 20/08/2019

Private investigators are employed for many purposes. Some specialize in one area and some cover a great deal more. While anyone these days can use the Internet and social media to launch their own investigations when they encounter problems, it is always a safer bet to place the responsibility in the hands of a trained private investigator. It is important to know what a private investigator is capable of and what types of cases they have experience in.

The most popular type of work for a private investigator is conducting background checks. Background checks are important to individuals who want to examine someone’s personal and professional history to give a deeper look into the person’s character or identity. These types of checks are useful for someone hiring a new employee, hiring a new nanny, making a new investment, selecting a public official or taking on a new tenant. These checks include criminal records checks, education checks (to ensure they are not lying on a resume), employment history, references, etc. While you can conduct these background checks on your own, hiring a private investigator is the only way to guarantee accuracy and reliability of results to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Another common type of work for a private investigator is civil investigations, which include uncovering and gathering evidence for trials such as domestic disputes, workers compensation, missing persons and more. Civil cases differ from criminal cases in that they are private disputes brought forward by individuals or organizations and are settled in court or by a mediator. A private investigator has the techniques and equipment required to unearth evidence that you yourself may not be capable of finding, but this information can prove to be most important in a civil dispute.

Insurance investigations are also a common type of work for private investigators who are skilled at using techniques and strategies to undercover information related to health, car, house, and life insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is when someone seeks compensation under false claims. Private investigators use surveillance and extensive research (on medical reports, previous claims, insurance coverage, interviews, background checks) to determine whether insurance claims are true or not.

Surveillance is another very common specialty for private investigators and is used in many types of investigations including infidelity investigations, missing persons, vandalism, fraud and more. There are many types of surveillance including electronic (i.e. wiretapping), physical observation, technical surveillance (i.e. cameras) and interviews.

Other known work conducted by private investigators include criminal investigations, probation, infidelity investigations, theft, child custody battles, insurance investigations and fraud. If you could use the help of a private investigator for any of these reasons, consider picking up the phone and calling Investigation Hotline.

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