The Six Types of Cheaters

, | 21/11/2019

Of all of the situational factors that bring relationships, families and happy homes to an end, infidelity is often the most painful. It is unfortunately quite common for partners to be unfaithful to one another and, due to the evolution of technology and social media, cheating has become more accessible than ever.

Infidelity can often be hard to detect, and even when it is suspected, it can be very difficult to prove. There are many different signs and red flags that may indicate that your partner is being unfaithful, but it is important to understand the different types of cheaters that exist which will help you identify whether or not your partner fits into one of the categories.

Without further ado, here are the six types of cheaters that you may come across:

1) The Opportunist. The opportunist rarely seeks out a partner outside of their relationship, but rather, they cheat when an opportunity presents itself and they feel as though they can get away with it. Opportunists often report that they are perfectly happy in their relationship, but if they are presented with an idealistic opportunity and if they are sure it will remain a secret from their partner, they are likely to cheat.

2) The Revenge Cheater. If one person in the relationship has cheated, sometimes the other partner will cheat in retaliation to hurt their partner back. However, this may backfire in making the original cheater feel as though their infidelity was acceptable.

3) The Emotional Cheater. This individual may not physically cheat on you, but they often seek emotional connection outside of the relationship and develop a deep bond with someone else. This type of cheating does often lead to a physical affair, but they may instead finally decide that they have crossed a line and end their emotional escapades.

4) The Self-Destructor. The self-destructor will cheat on their partner and then try to convince their partner to break up with them instead of doing the breaking up themselves. They may initiate unfounded fights or arguments and make unpleasant or hurtful remarks to their partner.

5) The Serial Cheater. The serial cheater actively searches out people with whom they can cheat on their partner with. They are skilled, practiced and well rehearsed. These individuals lie constantly in relationships, often text other people, frequent bars and dating apps looking for casual hook ups and will often openly admit to being a cheater.

6) The Online Cheater. This type of cheater finds online platforms to do their dirty work, whether it be using direct messaging or posting unfaithful comments on social media platforms or by reaching out to strangers on dating apps (even though they may not meet up in real life). This can often be the most difficult cheater to detect, but the easiest to catch red handed.

If you suspect your partner of fitting into any of these categories, consider hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of it.

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