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Three Factors to Consider When Hiring a Private Investigator

If you are considering hiring a private detective, you should consider several things. Private eyes are professionals whose job it is to solve cases regarding corporate, financial, matrimonial, criminal, personal and many other matters. Their investigation must be discreet and confidential. Private investigators should be experienced and talented enough not to let the parties of your investigation aware of their presence. Inexperienced private detectives may blow their cover and the consequences could be severe.

To avoid disappointment and get the service and answers you require, consider the following three factors when assessing the legitimacy of a private investigative agency:


  • Experience – Above all else, there is no substitution for decades of experience and knowledge gained through doing. If the private detective is new or inexperienced, they will lack the practical knowledge that experienced investigators have. They might not be able to handle your case successfully and might actually make the situation worse. Experienced private eyes know how to deal with specific situations. Although they may have expertise in one specific field, each situation is different and only experienced investigators know how to operate through them successfully.

  • Cost – Before selecting an investigative agency, ask them about their fees. The cost should take into account the firm’s qualifications, experience, skills and the type of case. Also, some cases may not fall into a defined timeframe. It may take hours to finish or several months. Because of this, make sure you understand all cost related details in advance. There is not necessarily a “right” price but be wary of any agencies that seem to give outstandingly cheap rates. You usually do get what you pay for.


  • Digital Reputation – When searching for a private detective agency, it is imperative that you diligently research the organization’s online reputation. Google+ Reviews, the most trusted research platform around the world, provides a great source of information for consumers. However, be wary of fake and illegitimate reviews. Some agencies may try to trick the general public into believing their reviews came from customers, when in fact the business owner’s themselves post reviews pretending to be satisfied customers.