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Two Canadian Police Officers Trapped in Cuba

Canadians are well known travellers especially to Cuba. Imagine taking the much needed and deserved vacation you’ve planned for months with a friend, only to be detained indefinitely and unable to return home.

INVESTIGATION HOTLINE CANADA INC. was notified recently that two well respected Canadian police officers from BC were being held in Cuba for what is now going on eight months and counting, based on written testimony alone, and forced to pay for their own unjust detainment out of pocket.

In fact, INVESTIGATION HOTLINE  conducted a thorough private investigation and determined that the accusations made against these young men were entirely flawed and would be dismissed in any judicial process. Without due process, however, the seriousness of the accusations turned one vacation into an unending nightmare.

In any case of alleged rape, the utmost sensitivity and thoroughness in investigative procedures is warranted, and that combination is where INVESTIGATION HOTLINE leads the industry and have gained national and international trust. Investigators flew down to Cuba and worked tirelessly to uncover the truth. What they found was a disturbing case where a minor was coached and manipulated to potentially protect a tour operator, the resort, and the accuser’s reputation.  In the residue, these two officers would endure more than one can even imagine.

The officers where dragged out of their resort room and into a Cuban prison based on a written statement alone. Later released from jail, the Canadian men were detained in Cuba. Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, and the officers finally were tried in the Cuban court system.

And what of the tour operator and the young lady? They were never even expected to attend the trial. The accusations of alleged rape stood without any investigation nor cross examination of the testimony.

Women’s rights are so important and have gained much needed momentum recently with the #MeToo movement in Hollywood. Furthermore, Bill Cosby was brought to justice in a David and Goliath case when a Canadian woman stood up for her right to live free of sexual assault against a huge celebrity who had walked free after raping countless women before her.

Equality and freedom for all people is tantamount to society’s progress. Yet, the tides sometimes turn and in this case, these innocent men, who serve and protect others themselves are being falsely accused, tried, and left to rot in another country.

Investigation Hotline is on the scene and is requesting the support of the Canadian public and Government to ensure that human rights’ and dignity are restored to Mark and Jordan.