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Two Client Stories We’d Love To Share

The first client story we’d like to share involved a a 18 year old girl that was missing in Brampton. Our client called Investigation Hotline explaining that their daughter ran away from home and they feared for her safety. We learned that they had already contacted a private investigator in Amsterdam that quoted 20k Euro to solve the case. The private eye claimed that he had found her in a dangerous area. As we would soon learn, that was all a lie and this criminal was trying to extort our client (as do many so-called Investigators these days).

Almost immediately upon learning about the situation, our private investigators traveled to Amsterdam to investigate the case. Within half a day, we were able to locate the girl and it turned out that she was not in a rough neighbourhood, but a clean and safe one. Our private detectives knocked at the door and the subject’s boyfriend’s father opened the door. The police were called to assist the case. The cops were very friendly and mediated the situation. We made contact with the girl to make sure she was safe and not in any harm. Because the girl was 18, we could not obligate her to travel back to Canada. Instead, she opted to remain with her 29 year old boyfriend and spend the small fortune her parents had given her. We provided facetime for our client and pictures of their daughter, and assured them that she was safe. They greatly appreciated the peace of mind and were thrilled we were able to solve the case in less than one full day. Our client immediately offered to write a raving review on our Google+ page and Peel Regional Police were anxious to learn how the hell we did it !!

Another recent story we’d like to publicize involved a two year old infant from Burlington. Her mother called us complaining that her daughter would always come back from spending time with her father with bruises all over her body. No one was taking her claims seriously that her daughter’s father may be abusive and an unfit parent.

Upon a thorough investigation, we uncovered a lot of information about the subject. For example, we learned that the subject had brain damage and/or psychological impairment and would routinely play extremely loud music while taking care of his daughter. We also found some extremely sensitive information that we cannot share due to privacy and legal proceedings. We provided our client with the proof and information she needed to assist her lawyer in protecting the best interests of her daughter. She was very thankful for our ability to quickly and effectively solve her case. We were thrilled we could provide her peace of mind and most importantly, protect the young child’s safety.

When it comes to family matters and children, there is no one better than Investigation Hotline in your corner. Our resources, sensitivity and expertise is unparalleled.Infidelity may be the start of many investigations but, our concerns go deeper than just catching a cheater which is the easy part.