Using WhatsApp as a Private Investigator

, | 04/07/2019

Do you suspect that your husband or your boyfriend has been cheating on you? You may be able to use WhatsApp to confirm your suspicions. Not only has technology and social media made communication easier, but it has made cheating much easier and less detectable as well. It may seem unlikely, but WhatsApp has become a popular platform for infidelity. Fortunately for all of us, certain aspects of the Whatsapp program have become the cheater’s nightmare. If your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you through WhatsApp, you may be able to collect that concrete evidence that you need to confront him.

Before you start snooping in his phone, make sure you know the signs of a cheater. Signs of cheating include (but are in no way limited to):

Declining quality of your relationship with your husband or boyfriend. This can mean a number of things depending on your current relationship, but may involve your partner criticizing you more often or dodging your calls, spending less time with you, acting distant or uninterested when they are with you, asking you less about your own life, engaging you in more fights or accusing you of cheating on him.

Unusual or suspicious behaviour. This sign may be the easiest to detect, but the most difficult to confirm. Such behaviours can include a new wardrobe or fragrance, suddenly spending a lot of time with new people, no longer being interested in having sex, no longer inviting you to social events (and not expecting accompany you to yours), “forgetting” to tell you when they go out with friends, spending too much time on their phone or no longer filling you in on any of the details in their life.

Financial signs. Your partner may have a sudden increase or decrease in spending habits. You want to watch out for unexplained purchases (like receipts and gifts) as well as reluctance to make any joint purchases with you (i.e. a trip or a home).

There are specific signs related to your partner’s phone that should be a big red flag for you. Phone or WhatsApp specific signs include:

• Changing their password without reason so you no longer have access to their phone for any reason (or worse, putting a password on their phone for the first time ever)

• Constant activity on their phone, even though they don’t share with you who they are talking to or what about (particularly when there is a sudden spike in this type of activity)

• Constant communication in a chat marked with a generic male name; this could simply be a code name your partner is using to disguise his conversation with Maria by pretending he is chatting with Mark

• Deleting their messages off of their phone so that there is no record of any of their conversations (a cheater won’t want to leave a trail)

There are a few investigative routes you can take using your husband or boyfriend’s WhatsApp to discover whether or not they are cheating:

1) Message Frequency. Who does your husband exchange messages with the most? WhatApp has the capability to rank contacts in the order of most to least interaction. Simply open your partner’s WhatsApp and follow these steps:
• Settings – Data and Storage Usage – Storage Usage
Are there names of women you do not recognize? Names he has never mentioned? Sometimes you have to read between the lines to identify a cheater.

2) Deception. Another method of determining whether or not your partner is cheating through WhatsApp is to send them a fake message from an unknown number. Reader be warned; this is not legal in most countries. If you wish to go this route, all you need is a phone with a number unknown to your partner, the name of the person you suspect he is cheating with and his phone (for a short amount of time). Follow these steps:
• Create a new contact in your husband or boyfriend’s phone using the suspected name and the unknown phone number (tip: use the name of the highest ranked chat discovered using the first step)
• Send a message to him using this fake number, acting as though you are his secret lover (send something exciting, but nothing over the top in case he catches on)
• Find out with certainty whether or not he is cheating based on his response

3) mSpy. While the development of technology has had its many communication benefits, it can be a cheater’s ultimate downfall. While a cheater will be very protective of their mobile device, there are options for you to snoop into their activity without them ever knowing. One very simple way of determining whether or not your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you on WhatsApp is to actually monitor their WhatsApp activity using software called mSpy ( mSpy can be used on both Android and iOS operating systems. mSpy will give you access to the following information on their smartphone:
• Full chats and conversations with their contacts (including call logs and statuses)
• Contacts (be wary of new and unfamiliar names)
• Multimedia (all photos and videos exchanged over WhatsApp are stored, which can be excellent evidence of a cheating husband)
• Real-time GPS locations (so you know where he really is when he says he is hanging out with his friends)

Don’t forget your other options when you are considering using your partner’s Smartphone activity to determine whether or not he is cheating. You can always simply talk to your partner and voice your concerns, or you can hire a private investigator to track his activity for you. While it is a financial commitment, this is a very popular solution and hiring a private investigator is proven to be the most efficient and definitive method of catching a cheater.

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