Valentine’s Day Scams

| 13/02/2017

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, many people are looking to order something online for their partner. Unfortunately, this can cause problems for people who don’t take the time to do their homework when shopping on the internet. The following are examples of a few common Valentine’s Day Scams chosen at random, although many more exist.

Pictures can be very misleading and is a common scam tactic. For example, some online retailers take photos that make products seem more attractive than they truly are, such as florists who use this technique to make their bouquets look fuller. Make sure that whenever you consider an online purchase, you read the fine print prior to checking out. You may be surprised to find that the item is not what is seems or that there are hidden fees or outrageous shipping and handling charges. It is important that you understand the terms of policies and guarantees, and find out what your recourse is if your product doesn’t arrive on time or as promised. Although it may be easy to return a clothing item, perishable products such as flowers may be more difficult and you should understand purchasing guarantees upfront.

Valentine’s Day can be difficult for people who do not have a sweetheart with whom to celebrate. And unfortunately, that can leave people vulnerable to scam artists. The “looking for love” scam is common with online dating sites, even on Facebook. These scams encourage you to chat with seemingly wonderful and innocent people, perhaps the love interest you’ve been waiting for. But as time progresses, you learn that despite who they have pretended to be, they’re actually from another continent, have financial difficulties and need money to come visit you. If you fall for this unfortunate trap and wire the person money, you’ll either never hear from them again or be asked to wire more money. Con artists have swindled countless amounts of money from vulnerable people in this way.

If you’d like to prevent being scammed, or you’ve been scammed and you’re looking for answers, don’t hesitate to call Investigation Hotline. We’ll provide the integrity check that you seek and get you the answers you deserve.

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