What Does a Civil Investigator Do?

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A civil investigator, also referred to as a domestic investigator, is a private investigator who specializes in their client’s personal matters. The most common types of jobs that a civil investigator will engage in include marital issues, divorce, child custody battles, child support disputes, child abuse cases, domestic abuse cases, caregivers background checks, stalking and other family-related issues.

Marital Issues & Divorce

Civil investigators often engage in jobs related to marital issues and divorce, which run rampant in today’s society. They can be useful in gathering evidence to prove infidelity through discreet surveillance and research and may even be called upon in court to testify against a spouse in divorce proceedings (i.e. to bring to light the other spouse’s drug use, gambling problems, infidelity, etc.)

Domestic Abuse

Civil investigators may find themselves assisting clients in proving that an incident of domestic abuse has occurred, whether it be physical, sexual, mental or emotional. Family members of abuse victims call upon a PI to find out whether abuse is occurring and to gather evidence for their loved one that can be used in court against the abuser.

Child Custody and Child Abuse

A private investigator (civil investigator) may be hired by one parent to obtain evidence against another parent in a child custody battle or child support dispute. PIs are useful at collecting evidence of neglect, abuse and negligence. Additionally, they can engage in surveillance to ensure that terms and conditions of a child custody arrangement is being followed. In cases of child support, a civil investigator can discover the location of one parent if they are avoiding paying child support to their former spouse or partner.


If someone is concerned that they or a loved one is being stalked, a civil investigator can conduct surveillance to either confirm or disprove their suspicions. This evidence obtained can also be useful in securing a protective order or restraining order against the perpetrator.


If someone has secured a caregiver for their children, their senior parents or their pets, they often want to run a background check to ensure that the selected candidate is who they say they are. A private investigator in domestic investigations can conduct this background check and conduct necessary surveillance on the babysitter, house sitter or housekeeper in question. They may also be hired to monitor the person during their duties to ensure that they are responsible and attentive.

If you think you or your loved one may find these services beneficial, contact a PI to set up an introductory meeting and address your problems head on.

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