What Do Private Investigators Do and How Much Do They Charge?

, | 28/11/2018

What exactly is a private investigator?

Private investigators, also known as private investigators and detectives, are professionals available for hire that specialize in surveillance, research and a myriad of other investigative methods.

In some provinces and states, they may require specific designation and training in order to be licensed and provide services in the area.

Private investigators operate on both personal and corporate matters and can be leveraged for a variety of services.

What does a private detective specialize in?

Private detectives provide a vast array of services and some specialize in specific areas. It is important to find a private investigator that has the trusted expertise and experience to carry out the job that you require.

Some of the most common private investigation cases involve:

  • Investigation of an individual such as a partner or spouse who you may suspect of cheating.

  • Locating objects such as missing or stolen property.

  • Background checks for new potential employees.

  • Case research for lawyers.

  • Surveillance set up including GPS monitoring.

  • Investigating criminal activity in both business and personal settings.

  • Tracking down an individual such as a long lost relative or estranged child.

How much does a private investigator cost?

Certain services such as deciphering cell phone numbers and background checks may be charged as a flat fee. More commonly, however, private detectives charge an hourly rate for their services. Pricing can depend on many factors including your geographic location, specialization of the private eye and the robustness of the work.

Private investigators charge $60-120 dollars an hour. Other expenses might include their travel and expenses such as gas mileage, plane tickets, hotel stays, etc. Some may require a retainer upfront or a deposit.

Be cautious when assessing private investigation services based on price, however, just because one private detective charges significantly less does not mean the quality of work and the results they uncover will be the same.

It’s important to check a variety of online sources and gather customer feedback so that you can rest assured that you’ve picked a private investigator that is aligned with your interests and will get you the proof and answers you require.

We highly recommend viewing a private detective agencies Google Reviews before making a choice that could have profound impact on you and your loved ones.

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