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When and Why are Women More Likely to Cheat?

At Investigation Hotline, one of the most common concerns from clients is suspected infidelity. Because relationships are such an emotional and intense part of our lives, many people search for outside help from a private investigator when they suspect that their husband or wife has been cheating on them.

The traditional “cheater” trope is one of a young man who engages with many partners at the same time, or an older, married man who has an affair with his secretary. However, research over the past decade about love, relationships and cheating have consistently indicated that women are just as likely, if not more likely, to cheat than men.

You may have heard about the “seven-year itch”. This principle assumes that after being in a relationship for seven years, people are more likely to cheat on their partner out of boredom or due to the questioning of their relationship. Many studies back up this claim, sharing that women are more likely to cheat in a relationship between the six and ten year mark. Reasons given for this include loss of the original “spark”, falling out of love, growing apart, sex becoming boring and looking for something more exciting.

Women are also typically high in emotional intelligence and when they feel as though they are undervalued, neglected or ignored in their relationship, they are more likely to seek out another partner. Whereas men are more creatures of opportunity, women will look outside of their relationship for gratification when they start to sense that they can find something more fulfilling and have their unmet needs met elsewhere. Over the past several decades, women have also grown to have higher expectations of their relationships and their sex lives, which can lead to experimentation, confidence and general independence that might have them stray.

Women are also more likely to cheat on their partners if they are subjected to traditional housewife responsibilities and do not have a career or ambitions of their own. Women who spend their days at home, minding the house and taking care of the children, are more likely to report loneliness and neglect when their partner finally comes home from work. Compounded with the slow decay of spark and intrigue in a relationship, this helps to explain why many women begin to cheat around the six year relationship mark.

Call the investigators. Do not talk to people, confront them or be aloof.