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When Should I Hire a Private Investigator?

Maybe you’ve seen a private investigator on television or have heard a friend talk about hiring one. But do you know what a private investigator really does, or when you should consider calling one? Some people hire PIs regularly for both professional and personal matters, and even if you may think a PI is unnecessary, most of the time they can be truly beneficial no matter the circumstances.

When should you hire a private investigator?

There are many occasions when you should consider hiring a private investigator whether it be for a personal matter or for a business matter. You may find yourself in a compromising, uncomfortable, or possibly even a dangerous situation. Some of the most popular personal matters for seeking the help of a PI include:

  • Uncovering evidence of infidelity in a relationship or marriage
  • Conducting an investigation into a business to confirm legitimacy before investing
  • Researching a crime, threat or wrongdoing to uncover evidence usable for court
  • Conducting background checks before entering a new relationship
  • Locating a missing person (i.e. for alimony, child support payments)
  • Locating and recovering property that has been lost or stolen
  • Uncovering information on a former spouse or partner to use against them in a child custody battle
  • Discovering whether an ex-partner or current partner has hidden assets

Common reasons for a business using a private investigator include:

  • Conducting background checks of potential business partners and companies
  • Conducting background checks of potential employees
  • Verifying employee claims (i.e. workers’ compensation)
  • Investigating the cause of fires/property damage/accidents, etc. that have negatively impacted business
  • Obtaining information on the identity, conduct or credibility of a person or company
  • As a landlord, screening a potential tenant to ensure they will be responsible

What should you do when you have decided you are ready to hire?

When you have decided that hiring a private investigator is the right thing for you, give the experts at Investigation Hotline a call to discuss your situation. Investigation cost and timing will vary depending on the circumstances, as will the techniques and tools involved. You will be skillfully and compassionately guided through the process so that you feel comfortable and informed. Let the professionals at Investigation Hotline guide you through the process and produce tangible results.