Who are the Typical Medical Victims?

Unveiling the Faces of Medical Investigations: Who Are the Typical Victims?

The landscape of medical investigations involving private investigators (PIs) is diverse, with victims emerging from various corners of the healthcare system. In these cases, the typical victim can be anyone directly or indirectly impacted by medical malpractice, negligence, or ethical concerns within the healthcare sector. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse group of individuals who may seek the assistance of PIs in medical investigations:


At the forefront are patients, often initiating medical investigations due to suspicions or experiences of malpractice, negligence, or misdiagnosis. Seeking answers or justice, they turn to private investigators to unveil the truth surrounding their healthcare experiences.

Family Members

Family members become victims when they believe a loved one has suffered harm or even lost their life due to medical errors. Hiring PIs allows them to delve into the circumstances of the medical treatment, seeking closure and accountability.


Healthcare professionals witnessing unethical or illegal practices within medical facilities may become whistleblowers. Maintaining anonymity, they engage private investigators to gather evidence and expose wrongdoing, contributing to a culture of accountability.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies, particularly those handling medical malpractice claims, may employ private investigators to verify the validity of a claim. PIs play a crucial role in assessing the legitimacy of claims and providing evidence to either support or challenge the policyholder’s assertions.

Healthcare Professionals

Surprisingly, healthcare professionals themselves can become victims in certain situations. Faced with false accusations or defamation, they may enlist private investigators to gather evidence that defends their reputation and professional standing.

Legal Teams

Attorneys representing any of the aforementioned parties may hire private investigators to strengthen their legal cases. PIs become valuable allies, aiding legal teams in gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and building a robust foundation for legal proceedings.

Motivations for initiating medical investigations are diverse, ranging from seeking accountability and compensation to advocating for changes in healthcare practices. Victims may be driven by a desire for justice or a need to protect their professional reputation. In all cases, the goal is to uncover the truth and, when necessary, support legal actions against medical malpractice or negligence.
However, the path to justice in medical malpractice cases, as highlighted by the Toronto Star, is riddled with challenges. Winning a case against a doctor at trial is statistically unlikely, with patients winning only 20 out of 911 cases filed on average annually. Settlements, dismissals, discontinuations, or abandonments make up the rest of the outcomes, emphasizing the complexity and difficulty of navigating the legal landscape in medical investigations.

Key Challenges Highlighted by Main Stream Media on Medical Malpractice Victims:

Patients Unaware of Medical Errors:

Patients often remain unaware of medical errors, contributing to the difficulty in identifying instances of malpractice. The 2004 Canadian Adverse Events Study revealed preventable errors, with annual deaths ranging from 9,250 to 23,750 due to such errors.

Difficulty in Finding Legal Representation:

The scarcity of lawyers specializing in patient-side medical malpractice poses a significant hurdle. Individual plaintiff lawyers may bear the financial burden of cases, dissuading many from entering this challenging legal terrain.

CMPA’s Vigorous Defense Strategy:

The Canadian Medical Protective Association’s (CMPA) reputation for vigorously defending doctors, even when settling may be cheaper, intimidates lawyers from pursuing cases. This strategy, according to some, denies injured patients access to justice, contributing to a decline in filed lawsuits over the last decade.

The faces of medical investigations

The faces of medical investigations are diverse, reflecting a spectrum of victims seeking justice, accountability, and answers within the complex healthcare system. Private investigators play a crucial role in supporting these individuals on their journey to uncover the truth and navigate the challenges of medical investigations.

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