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Why Do Men and Women Cheat?

Cheating is strikingly common in today’s society. Rates of infidelity are the highest they’ve been in human history. In today’s blog, we take a deep look at the motivations behind why people cheat. Specifically, we look to see why men and women cheat. We found that there are motivational differences between the two sexes when it comes to infidelity.

First off, here are the top four reasons why men step out on their partner:

  1. Insecurity – Most commonly, men that cheat on their loved one lack confidence. They may feel that they are too old, too ugly, too stupid, etc. to deserve their partners’ affection. In order to overcome these feelings, men seek validation from other women in order to feel worthy and desired. This insecurity often manifests itself into what society considers a “mid life crisis”.
  2. Lack of Maturity – Many males either fear or lack commitment, or don’t appreciate the consequences of their actions. When applied to a relationship, an affair can result from this thought process. Lacking a commitment to monogamy or simply rationalizing their behaviour as a victimless crime, men commit adultery and threaten their relationship with their partner.
  3. Addictions – Men that report a higher likelihood to commit infidelity may be suffering from an addiction. The most common types of addiction involve alcohol, drugs and gambling and can hinder the individual’s ability to make thoughtful decisions. Sex addiction is another dependency that can lure a man into compulsive sexual fantasies.
  4. Unfulfilling Social Life – Males are more vulnerable to succumbing to infidelity if they lack a healthy social life. Without proper support from friends and family, the man may be lacking emotional feelings that their relationship to their partner cannot provide. In order to fill this void, cheating becomes a temporary solution.

In contrast to men, women are drawn to commit infidelity for different reasons. Here are the four most common reasons women cheat:

  1. Low Self-Esteem – The number one reason why women cheat is that they lack self-esteem. If they are approached by a stranger that makes them feel desirable and needed, they may be prone to engage in an affair. Common causes of low self-esteem include unresolved childhood trauma, mental illness and a negative self-image.
  2. Revenge – If a woman feels that she has been betrayed by her partner, she may use sex as a way to retaliate. The most common types of betrayal felt by women stem from trust issues with their partner’s behaviour towards money and sex. Instead of confronting their partner about the breach of trust, women use sex as a method of restitution.
  3. Lack of Romance – Women who crave the thrill of flirting and dating new people may be vulnerable to acts of infidelity. Although they feel a commitment to their partner, they may find their current relationship too predictable and unfulfilling. Looking to chase an emotional high of bonding with someone new, adultery may occur.
  4. Unfulfilling Sex Life – Unlike men, one of the top reasons women cheat is that they are unsatisfied with their sex life at home. Women are sexual creatures that enjoy intimacy as much as men. They long to be desired and wanted. If they lack this type of attention, they may be prone to seek satisfaction outside of the relationship.

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