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The Zip Tie Escape & Self Defense Tactics

Zip Tie Escape

In case you have ever been kidnapped or unlawfully constrained by a zip tie, take a look at this simple zip tie escape trick:

Have you ever found yourself in a street fight or been forced to defend yourself? Whether you may have said the wrong thing to somebody, or you’re being mugged, you should know what to do in order to effectively get out of the situation without sustaining injuries.

Below is a list of the top ten self defense techniques:

10 – You’re not in a movie. When thinking about a situation where you are forced into a physical altercation, it may be tempting to think of action heroes like Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Avoid this temptation and appreciate the gravity of situation. Do not stop striking your opponent until you’re convinced that he/she is incapacitated.

9. Your goal is not to win. Be cautious not to do any more damage than is necessary to escape the situation. If you hurt your opponent by using excessive force, you may find yourself in court and eventually in jail. Only cause as much damage as is necessary to allow yourself to flee from the situation.

8. Know your limits. If your opponent has a dangerous weapon on hand, do not engage them in physical violence. Instead, comply with their demands. Losing $40 and a bunch of credit cards is not worth your life. You are not likely to win in a fight against a deadly weapon, so avoid the temptation.

7. Remain calm. It may be natural to panic in a situation such as this, with your fight or flight biological instinct activated. Try to resist that urge and remain calm. Containing your composure can prove to be a very effective technique in a situation like this. The easiest way to do this is to be confident and believe that you will escape the situation unharmed.

6. You can sustain a few hits. Commonly in street fights, when one person takes a few hits, they may give up all hope of winning the fight. Receiving punishment is not pleasurable, but it’s not the end of the world. Maintain your composure and continue hitting your opponent.

5. There are no rules. Unlike a hockey game where there are specific rules and boundaries you must follow, it isn’t the same situation on the street. All rules are out the window and anything goes. You can pinch, pull hair, gouge eyes, bite or whatever you need to do to escape. Use whatever means necessary to free yourself.

4. Strike first. Do not let your opponent hit you first. If you do, you’re making a bad situation much worse. Hitting first forces the attacker to defend themselves, something they are likely not used to doing.

3. Close the distance. Borrowing from Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, whenever you find yourself in a self defense situation, close the distance between you and your attacker as quickly as possible. If you remain too close for him/her to strike you, then you won’t get hurt.

2. Take them to the ground. However possible, take your opponent to the ground. If you’ve ever had experience wrestling, you know how powerful it is to be the one on top of your opponent. If you gain top position, you can strike your opponent without getting attacked.

1. Keep your hands up. Something you may have heard from boxing is that you should keep your hands up at all times. If you do this, you’ll be much better at self defense and also be in a position to strike your opponent quickly. Do not let your hands down, regardless of how tired you may be.