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9 Reasons Men Cheat

Infidelity is common in modern society. We want to understand why people cheat on their partners. It turns out that men and women cheat for different reasons. Although there are many dynamics at play when a man decides to engage in infidelity, his choice is likely driven by one or more of the factors. Below is a list of the top nine reasons men commit adultery. For our next blog, we’ll look into why women wander.

  • Insecurity – The man may feel like he is too old or too young, not sexy enough, not smart enough, etc. A large number of men are motivated to cheat due to a mid-life crisis. To help bolster egos, the man seeks validation from other women than his partner in order to feel wanted, worthy and desired.

  • Immaturity – If the man lacks experience with commitment or doesn’t understand how his actions may hurt his partner, he may seek to engage in an affair. He may not take his commitment to monogamy seriously and step out on his partner when he feels like it.

  • Compounding Issues – He may be struggling with an ongoing problem related to alcohol or drugs that hinders his ability to make reasonable decisions. He could also be struggling with a sexual addiction, whereby he’s drawn to compulsively engage in sexual fantasies.

  • Lack of Male Social Support – Without proper support systems from friends and family, the man may be lacking emotional ties that his partner cannot provide. In order to seek such bonds, he looks outside of his relationship.

  • The Relationship is Over – Some men may be looking to end their current relationship, and instead of breaking up, he may cheat on her in order to avoid doing the dirty work. Others may be lining up their next relationship before ending their current one, cheating with his future partner.

  • Childhood Abuse – He may be reenacting or unknowingly responding to unresolved childhood trauma such as emotional abuse, physical abuse, neglect or sexual assault. Some victims of trauma develop attachment and intimacy issues that leave them unable to form lasting relationships.

  • Selfishness – The man may consider himself the most important person in the world, and not think about how his actions affect others. Because of this selfishness, he can lie and keep secrets without feeling remorse or regrets. Instead of seeing monogamy as a trusted value in their relationship, he may see it as something that needs to be avoided and worked around.

  • Impulse Control – Some men may have never thought about cheating until an opportunity presented itself. As an opportunistic individual, he may jump at the chance and engage in infidelity. This is a cheater who does not necessarily seek out an affair but would not forgo an opportunity if it was presented.

  • Unrealistic Expectations – Some men have unrealistic expectations of their partners. They may believe that their partner should meet every desire he has, sexual or otherwise, at any given moment. He fails to understand that she has a life of her own, with thoughts and feelings and needs that don’t always involve him. When his expectations are not met, he seeks external fulfillment.

For the majority of men, no single factor drives them to commit adultery. Each case is unique. If you believed a loved one may be cheating, our qualified team of expert private investigators are on call to provide you the answers and peace of mind you seek.