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Toronto Private Investigators: Investigation Hotline

Looking for a private investigator in Toronto and the GTA? We are here for you. Whether your issue is corporate, personal or domestic in nature, we’ve got you covered. At Investigation Hotline, our private investigators have the experience and resources to help you make informed decisions – and seek legal remedy if necessary.

Your Expert Team of Private Investigators in Toronto

Our team is made up of trained and knowledgeable investigators, forensic examiners and security specialists with proven track records. We produce exhaustive reports that go above and beyond court standards should you seek legal recourse in your case. We also understand that time if of the essence, which is why accurately report our findings to our clients in a timely manner.

Our Toronto Private Investigator Services

We provide detailed and discreet private investigator services around Toronto and the GTA, covering a wide range of issues. Below are some of the most common cases our team works on:

Personal and Family Investigations

  • Cheating husbands and cheating wives
  • Infidelity and same-sex partners
  • Child custody issues
  • Elder abuse and estate issues

Business and Commercial Investigations

  • Asset Identification and Recovery
  • Untrusted business partners
  • International affairs

Online Investigations

  • Privacy issues
  • Tracking and surveillance
  • Cyber harassment and other online crimes

Legal and Forensic Investigations

  • Litigation support
  • Forensic examination
  • A variety of other services in the surveillance field

What makes a Great Toronto Private Investigator?

There are three main factors that separate a great private investigator from the rest: trust, legality and professionalism. Putting your faith in a private investigator means ensuring they maintain high standards in all of these areas.

Building Trust in Your Private Investigator

Trust is absolutely essential when hiring a private investigator in Toronto. You need to know you can trust them with sensitive information or vulnerable individuals. At Investigation Hotline, we believe that building trust with our clients is the first step to success.

How do we build that trust? By performing your due diligence, you’ll find out that we are licensed, have a proven track record and good reviews. Our reputation in Toronto speaks for itself.

Why Hire Us as Your Toronto Private Investigator? We’re Professionals.

At Investigation Hotline, we help you achieve a successful result in your case. How do we do it? It all comes down to maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout every investigation.

For one, our personnel are experienced, well-equipped and adaptable to any situation. They are also armed with the latest tracking technology and digital practices, allowing them to operate as a team or individually, depending on your specific needs.

Finally, we only use fully legal, industry-standard best practices, so you can rest assured that your needs will be properly and professionally met.

During each and every one of our investigations, we emphasize discretion at all times. Whether your case is corporate, personal or domestic, we will never violate your confidence no matter what may arise during the process. At Investigation Hotline, we are committed to professionalism and to your peace of mind.

To speak to one of our private investigators in Toronto and the GTA, please contact us today.

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