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Get Results with Thornhill’s Leading Private Investigators

Get results that will change your life for the better with Investigation Hotline. As the leading private investigators in Thornhill, our team can take on and execute various workplace, personal, international and local cases with precision, expertise and care. We have your best interests at heart and will take action to ensure you get results in a legal manner and to help you change your life for the better. There is no time to waste – reach out to the experts at Investigation Hotline today.

Our Commitment to Confidentiality

At Investigation Hotline, your privacy and discretion as one of our prime priorities. On the outside looking in, we understand that the collection of information might raise ethical concerns, but you can rest assured everything we do is legal at all times. Your information and evidence will remain confidential, and even releasing the information is given serious thought to understand the social implications. We will always respect the rights of all individuals and corporations, regardless of their place in our investigations.

Our Proven Investigator Approach & Intelligence Methods

Utilizing personnel and existing information, we establish a plan for your case going forward.


We will examine existing information and identify and interview key individuals to get your case rolling successfully.


Our PI’s will collect key evidence, assess the network and profile model and determine preliminary findings.


Our in-depth reports will provide you with an analysis of events alongside implications and opinions on what to do next.


Together, we’ll help you find a solution to your problems via the court or in face-to-face meetings.

For 30 years, Investigation Hotline team has provided people across Markham with trusted, industry leading private investigation services.

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Your Committed & Confidential Thornhill Private Investigators

For something as important as your workplace operations, finances or personal life, you want discretion, a certain degree of privacy and confidentiality. You’ll get that from our experts. We handle all cases with care and precision, upholding our values of honesty, discretion and excellence. We will never violate your confidence and will always act in your best interest, utilizing legal methods to collect information and use it in court. Expect the highest degree of excellence and professionalism with Investigation Hotline.

How much are your private investigators?

The cost of hiring one of our private investigators varies on the length of the case, any complexities that arise and the type, such as personal or workplace. It’s best to contact us directly and tell us what you would like so that we can provide you with a firm estimate.

Are you licenced?

Of course, we are! We wouldn’t be working as PI’s if we weren’t. We are a fully licenced and operational PI firm that is allowed to work throughout the Greater Toronto Area, from Richmond Hill and Woodbridge to Markham and the Downtown area.