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Enjoy Results With a Difference From Our Private Investigators

Don’t get results that don’t change your life. Get results that matter with Investigation Hotline. Our private investigators in Vaughan have one goal in mind: to deliver meaningful, life-changing results that can go above and beyond court standards should you seek legal recourse in your case. Whether your case is personal, for business or litigation purposes, you can expect our team of knowledgeable and experienced investigators, forensic examiners and security specialists to produce results that matter in a timeframe that works for you. Experience private investigators built just for you; experience working with Investigation Hotline today.

Our Commitment to Confidentiality

At Investigation Hotline, we believe that building trust with our clients is the first step to success. How do we do with you? Not only are we licensed to operate in the GTA, but we have a proven track record and good reviews from happy clients. Most importantly, we adhere to strict rules imposed on ourselves, guaranteeing a high level of discretion and privacy for all cases. We act in your best interests and care for your information and evidence as if it is our own. Our commitment to confidentiality is what sets us apart from other PI firms.

Our Proven Investigator Approach & Intelligence Methods

After our conversion, we’ll define and assess your concerns, building a workable plan.


We will examine existing information, plan out selective research and interview key individuals.


After collecting key evidence, our team will review preliminary findings and assess the case strategy with you.


We’ll interpret findings and their implications by reporting them to you.


 Together, we’ll evaluate alternative findings and assist with negotiation and settlement for the best result possible.

For 30 years, Investigation Hotline team has provided people across Markham with trusted, industry leading private investigation services.

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Our Private Investigators are Recognized Throughout Vaughan & the GTA

No matter what geographical area they are working in, be it Richmond Hill, Woodbridge or Downtown Toronto, a private investigator’s worth is measured across three factors: trust, legality and professionalism. Putting your faith in a private investigator means ensuring they maintain high standards in all three. That’s what we at Investigation Hotline are recognized for: creating and maintaining these high standards. You can expect us to act within legal parameters and always be completely honest with you while being professional in all situations.

How long does a case take?

It varies depending on the evidence you wish to find and the case’s complexity (e.g. does it require video and us to work in teams?). We’ll provide you with updates throughout the case so you know when to expect results.

What is the cost of hiring a PI?

Unfortunately, it depends on the length and complexity of the course. Some cases might cost because they require more work and time than others. We can provide you with an estimate during our initial consultation.

There is nothing wrong with PI work, right?

That’s right; it’s perfectly legal to hire a private investigator. It’s common practice for many litigations as we provide an alternative to discovering usable evidence. Everything we do is conducted with complete legality.