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Get Results From Our Private Investigators in Markham

Are you looking for private investigators in Markham and the Northern GTA? Do you want an experienced team that you can trust with your sensitive information? Then look no further than Investigation Hotline.

Our locally-based private investigators are here to help you make the right decisions about your situation. We understand the delicate nature of your case, which is why we will treat it with the seriousness and respect it deserves. Our use of cutting-edge intelligence techniques and technology, coupled with comprehensive reports that detail every inch of your case, highlights our commitment to delivering services that make a difference for our clients. Expect results from the experts at Investigation Hotline.

Our Commitment to Confidentiality

As established private detectives, we here at Investigation Hotline understand the importance of the information that our clients provide and that we collect for them. Our success stems from our strict protocols that protect all information obtained throughout all phases of an investigation – from the initial onboarding to the resolution. We respect the individuals’ rights and obligations of both the clients and their subjects, and will not betray their trust. We are truly committed to your confidentiality and privacy at all times and will never mislead or misrepresent you in any way.

Our Proven Investigator Approach & Intelligence Methods

We analysis all client concerns and develop real workable plans and solutions.


We examine existing information, identify key issues, and plan our selective research.


Collection of key evidence, review findings and assess the current strategy of the case with the client.


Detailed reports include relevant findings and supporting data, their interpretations and their implications, and highlights underlying assumptions.


We evaluate alternative findings and assist with negotiation and settlement.

For 30 years, Investigation Hotline team has provided people across Markham with trusted, industry leading private investigation services.

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Why Hire Our Markham Private Investigators?

There are three main things that set our great private investigators apart from the rest: trust, legality and professionalism. How do we prove this to you? We establish trust by assuring that your sensitive information will be treated with respect and discretion while we ensure legality by working with our ethical frameworks and always employ fully legal, industry-standard practices. We are truly professional in all aspects of our business, from communication to detailed reporting, providing you with the comfortability and clarity you need in our investigations. Whether it’s as social media investigators or for commercial cases, the team at Investigation Hotline will never violate your confidence no matter what.

It is not illegal to hire private investigators right?

Not at all! You are well within your legal rights to hire our agency when you need it the most. As a fully-licenced agency, we can handle various cases in Ontario. We will not take any illegal investigations.

What can I expect from a free consultation?

This is a simple discussion where you explain your concerns and what is troubling you the most. We’ll help by highlighting how we’ll approach your case while answering any questions. This usually takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

What do you charge for investigations?

It depends on the type of investigation (for example, social media vs corporate background check), the length and any complexities that can arise. We’ll explain the details of our pricing structure during our consultation.