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Are you suspecting that your partner is up to no good? Are you concerned that your employees might be cheating the company? Or do you need additional information to support your litigation? It doesn’t matter what you need – Investigation Hotline can find and deliver the results that transform your life. Our Richmond hill private investigators will utilize the latest techniques and methods to go deep into your case, finding evidence that will help prove your suspicions. We work throughout Richmond Hill and the GTA, including Vaughan and Thornhill. You can expect results that change your life with Investigation Hotline.

Our Commitment to Confidentiality

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we know one thing: the importance that comes with collecting and using information during cases. Our success comes from our strict protocols to protect all information throughout every phase of a case, respecting the individuals’ rights and obligations to both clients and subjects. We will never betray your trust and are committed to upholding your confidentiality in any situation. You can rest knowing that we have your privacy at the top of our priorities.

Our Proven Investigator Approach & Intelligence Methods

Our team will analyze all client concerns and determine a plan to approach your situation.


By reviewing all key evidence, information and details, we’ll develop a coherent strategy for your case.


We will assimilate key evidence and review preliminary findings of all key evidence collected.


Expect reports including relevant findings and supporting data, their interpretations and their implications.


We’ll evaluate alternative findings, develop materials for legal council and assist with settlement or negotiation.

For 30 years, Investigation Hotline team has provided people across Markham with trusted, industry leading private investigation services.

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Our Richmond Hill Private Investigators Stand Out From the Rest

At Investigation Hotline, our reputation speaks for itself. We excel in all three key aspects: trust, legality and professionalism. This is how our private investigators stand out from the rest. We are recognized for our proven track record of happy clients and successful cases, consistent reviews from clients, and most importantly, that everything we do is within the legal framework, using the latest methods to deliver meaningful results that will change your life. We’re the team you can trust with anything because we’ll always put your best interests and case first.

How should I prepare for my consultation?

Collect all key evidence and information you have that raises suspicions on your case. It could be photos, documents or suspicious activities. We’ll review the information and determine the validity and how we’ll approach your case.

When will my case get started?

Once we have collected all valuable information and determined a strategy, we will confirm if you wish us to commence the operation. We’ll provide you with a firm date for when we start.

Does your team have previous experience in investigations?

Our team consists of investigators, forensic examiners and security specialists from law enforcement agencies who have years of experience in the job. We understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. You can meet our team in person during our consultation.