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How A Private Investigator Can Help in a Child Custody Battle

Child Custody Battle

During a divorce, the question may surface regarding who deserves to take custody over the children. In fact, child custody battles are one of the greatest focus areas for Private Detectives. In order to win a child custody battle, one party must prove (the probability beyond 50% in the judge’s mind) that the welfare of the child/children would be in jeopardy if left in the hands of the other party. Proving this requires evidence and witness testimony, requiring unique evidence gathering techniques.

GPS Tracking and Information
A private investigator can use GPS trackers on the person you want investigated. This provides information on the movements of the individual and shows their behavioural pattern. If the GPS data shows that the party frequents areas that could endanger the children, then you are well on your way to winning the custody battle.

Video and Photo Evidence
Compared to other types of proof, videos and photos are the most reliable. Your private detective will follow the individual and take as many photos and videos as possible. These may show a lack of responsibility and concern for your children, giving you the upper hand in the child custody battle. For example, if the evidence shows that the person was out drinking all night without coming home to offer the child a meal, then you have a leg up in the case.

Finding Witnesses
It is imperative that you find witnesses who are willing and able to provide testimonies that support your evidence. Finding these witnesses could be difficult especially if you are busy or faced with complicated circumstances. Your private investigator is able to find the witnesses and ask them to testify on your behalf.

Finding Documents
Particular documents could help with your case. If you’re able to show the court that the individual is prone to making irresponsible mistakes, especially in a financial capacity, you stand a good chance to win a custody battle. However, finding the documents to prove something like this is a difficult task that requires the knowledge, expertise and connections of a

Private Investigator
All things considered, the Private Detective is your direct link to helping you win the child custody case. The investigator can go places and do things that you cannot. They are capable of finding the evidence and witnesses necessary for your lawyer to win a case. At the same time, the investigator can help play an advisory role. The investigator can also serve as protection for you, making sure to track any and all documents that could be damaging to your case for custody.
Instead of taking on the difficult task of fighting your custody case on your own, trust and lean on the knowledge and expertise of a private eye for independent and conclusive evidence that carries the weight you need to succeed.