FAQ #11 My daughter meets someone on a dating website.

Can I hire Private Investigator to check this person?

Yes, you can hire PI, but it is important to consider a few things:

your daughter is likely an adult and has a right to privacy.

please note that in our country, privacy laws and regulations may limit the types of information that can be obtained without consent, and it’s important to comply with these laws when conducting a background check.

it would be helpful to discuss the specific details of your daughter’s situation and what kind of information you are hoping to obtain.

Background check on potential spouse

It is not uncommon for people to request a background check on their potential spouse before getting married. This is especially true in cases where the individuals have met online or through a dating service and have not known each other for very long.

Background check requirements and regulations before a marriage

In fact, some countries or states require a background check before a marriage license can be issued. For example, in some states in the United States, individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes may be prohibited from getting married without first obtaining a court order or waiver.

Safety always comes first in a future family

A background check can provide valuable information about the person’s identity, criminal history, employment history, and other relevant details that can help your daughter make an informed decision about whether to pursue a relationship with this person. However, safety should always come first.

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