Internet Privacy – Playing Big Brother is Bad for Business

| 20/05/2016

Internet Privacy

internet privacyThere was an interesting article written by Jonathan Kay, recently published in e-zine The Walrus on internet privacy and some of the key issues with corporations and how they deal with it.

The article quotes a 2015 survey by analytical company SAS that “64% of Canadian consumers are worried about how companies treat their personal data—and of that group, only 13 percent believe they have total control over how that information is used.”

The article also had some direct quotes from Toronto-based private investigator Mitchell Dubros of Investigation Hotline regarding the effects that the digital revolution and internet privacy has had on the Private Investigation industry.

Dubros was quoted as saying…

“After thirty years in this business, I’ve learned that if someone really wants to know something about me, they will find out,” he says. “I’ve come to terms with that fact, I guess. The advice I give to people who are worried about privacy is simple: keep your nose clean.”

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