Personal Safety Tip #3
Online Dating Services

Private Investigator Tips for Staying Safe while Using Online Dating Services

By following these Private Investigator safety tips, you can enhance your online dating experience and protect yourself from potential risks.

  1. Keep in mind that dating websites and apps don’t conduct background checks.
  2. Protect your identity on dating apps. Avoid including private information such as your last name, email address, or phone number in your online dating profile.
  3. When exploring potential profiles, pay attention to the number of photos available. If you see only one or two profile photos, it may indicate a fake profile.
  4. Be cautious if someone persistently asks to meet before you are ready; it could be suspicious.
  5. If the person you’re chatting with provides strange answers or avoids giving clear information, it’s a red flag and not just a mystery about their nature.
  6. If you like someone online whom you haven’t met in person, suggest meeting in a public place such as a coffee shop, restaurant, show, local museum, bowling alley, concert, or Board Game Cafe.
  7. Typically, new friends talk a bit on the phone before the first meeting. If the person refuses to discuss the first date by phone, it could indicate an attempt to catfish you (creating a fake identity).
  8. Inform someone you trust about your date and ask them to call you at some point during the meeting. Make sure to call them back afterward to confirm your safety.
  9. It’s a good idea to arrive at the date location independently. Even if you don’t have a car, using public transportation or a cab will allow you to leave if something goes wrong.
  10. Be cautious if your new friend suggests meeting at a hotel or other private area, as it could be a red flag that requires careful consideration.
  11. Avoid drinking alcohol during your first few dates to ensure clear judgment and safety.
  12. Pay attention if someone unmatched with you after getting your phone number or between your phone conversation and your first meeting. This behaviour might be an attempt to avoid being reported on dating apps.

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