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Investigation Hotline is an international agency that offers private investigation services to clients in Canada and around the world. We assist both individuals and corporations, and our services are available 24/7.

– Are you in trouble? Do you want to restore justice?

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Our Private Investigation Services Include:

  • Collection of evidence for court presentation
  • Corporate investigations
  • Divorce assistance
  • Surveillance (all options, including the utilization of various types of drones)
  • Background checks
  • Debtor search
  • Missing persons search
  • Internet fraud investigations
  • Criminal matter assistance
  • Forensic examinations
  • Underwater object retrieval (utilizing drones)
  • Aerial inspection of land, buildings, and other objects
  • Drone surveillance

Private Investigation Services: Unveiling the Truth with Precision

In the realm of legal matters, the meticulous Collection of evidence stands as a cornerstone of private investigation for effective court presentation. Our adept team ensures a seamless process, adhering to the highest standards of professionalism.

Corporate Investigations: A Shield for Business Integrity

Navigating the complex world of Corporate investigations, we employ strategic methodologies to safeguard the integrity of your business. Our discreet approach guarantees the confidentiality your corporate matters deserve.

Divorce Assistance: Guiding You Through Sensitive Times

Divorce is a challenging chapter in life, and our Divorce assistance services aim to provide the support you need. Our empathetic private investigation team ensures a comprehensive understanding of your situation, facilitating a smoother process.

Surveillance: Private Investigation Core

Our Surveillance services encompass a myriad of options, incorporating cutting-edge drone technology. The versatility of drone surveillance allows for an unparalleled vantage point, ensuring a thorough and efficient operation.

Background Checks: Illuminating the Unknown via Private Investigation

In the world of uncertainty, Background checks are a vital tool for informed decision-making. Our team conducts comprehensive checks, providing you with a clear picture for confident choices.

Debtor Search: Tracing the Financial Footprints

Unraveling financial complexities, our Debtor search services are designed to locate individuals with outstanding debts. With a meticulous approach, we track down elusive debtors, aiding in swift resolution.

Missing Persons Search: Bringing Loved Ones Home

In times of distress, our Missing persons search services offer a glimmer of hope. Employing proven methodologies, we leave no stone unturned in reuniting families with their loved ones.

Internet Fraud Investigations: Safeguarding Your Online Presence

The digital landscape is not without its challenges. Our Internet fraud investigations delve into the virtual realm, ensuring your online activities remain secure and free from fraudulent activities.

Criminal Matter Assistance: Navigating Legal Complexities in Private Investigation

In the face of legal challenges, our Criminal matter assistance services provide a steady hand. We guide you through the complexities of criminal cases, offering support and expertise.

Forensic Examinations: Unveiling the Unseen

Forensic examinations form the backbone of our investigative prowess. Our skilled team employs advanced techniques to unveil critical details, adding depth to our investigative processes.

Underwater Object Retrieval: Harnessing Drones Beneath the Surface

Utilizing cutting-edge drone technology, our Underwater object retrieval services extend beyond traditional boundaries. We navigate underwater realms with precision, ensuring efficient retrieval operations.

Aerial Inspection: Elevating Visibility for Land and Buildings

From land to buildings, our Aerial inspection services provide a bird’s-eye view for comprehensive assessments. The elevated perspective enhances the accuracy of our inspections, facilitating informed decisions.

Drone Surveillance: Elevating Security through Private Investigation and Advanced Technology

Embracing the future, our Drone surveillance services redefine the landscape of security. Through the seamless integration of drone technology, we offer unparalleled surveillance capabilities, ensuring comprehensive coverage and heightened efficiency.

In a world filled with uncertainties, our Private Investigation services, coupled with the innovation of Drone Surveillance, stand as beacons of assurance, navigating through complexities with precision and dedication.

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