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Signs That You’ve Been Hacked

Hackers don’t usually tell their victims that they’ve been attacked. In most cases, when hackers gain entry to victim’s computers, they don’t want anyone to know so that they can re-engage in the malicious behaviour in the future. In case you suspect that you’ve been hacked, here are some common signs of the malicious behaviour:

  • Credit Accounts – Someone used one of your credit accounts. Identity theft is very common online. If your credit card was used without your approval, this could be an indication that you’ve been hacked.
  • Odd Email Messages – You begin receiving unsolicited and strange email messages. Family members may tell you that they’ve received odd emails from you that you never sent. You may also notice emails in your Sent folder that you did not write.
  • New Installed Programs – Even though you didn’t download and install it, you may notice a new program has been added to your computer. This is a clear indication that a hacker may have manipulated your computer.
  • Password No Longer Works – If a password that you commonly use stops working, this could indicate that you’ve been cyber attacked. Hackers commonly access account login details.
  • Odd Browser Activity – Some hackers are able to gain virtual control over your machine and access it as if they’re sitting in front of the computer. If you notice recent browser activity that isn’t yours, your machine may be compromised.
  • Loss of Control – A computer virus can prevent you from certain activity and restrict your access. That’s a tell-tale sign of a hacker who has infiltrated your machine.
  • Inability to Update Operating System – If you’ve lost your ability to install important updates in your operating system, you’re likely a victim of Malware.
  • Slow Network Speeds – If your internet connection is consistent and you rarely experience problems with connectivity, and you suddenly notice a lack of bandwidth, this could be an indication that a hacker has gain access to your unsecured wireless connection.

The above potential signs that you’ve been hacked only scratch the surface of the multitude of suspicious cyber activity that exists in the online world. That’s why it’s important that you know what to look for. So, if you suspect you or your business has been hacked, do not hesitate to reach out to Investigation Hotline to get the answers and protection you require.