Stalking – Signs You Are Possibly Being Stalked

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Stalking is becoming a more prevalent crime these days, largely in part due to the advances in technology and the ability to stalk someone online. The Criminal Code of Canada has a criminal offence called “criminal harassment,” which is used to charge someone who is alleged to have been engaged in a variety of illegal behaviours, including stalking.

Being stalked or having the sense of feeling you are can be rather scary and unnerving. The main thing to remember is your safety should take priority. If you have concerns over your own personal safety, do not wait and see. Rather, contact a private investigator in Toronto to enlist their help.

Stalker Statistics

  1. Most people know their stalker. Around 75% of stalking victims knew their stalker. This is not to say it was someone who fit that “stereo-typical” ex-lover or ex-spouse you often see portrayed on TV. The stalker could have been a coworker, an acquaintance, or even a friend-of-a friend.
  2. Stalkers do not always have a romantic interest in the person they stalk. From a stalkers perspective, they view the person they are stalking as an object or belonging they can control or possess, and not always as a love interest.
  3. Stalkers take higher risks and ignore the rules. Most of us have normal boundaries and lines we do not cross because it would be rude or considered an invasion of another’s privacy. With stalkers, this is not the case and they will cross those lines, even after being warned or told to stop.
  4. Men are stalked too. Most people think that women are the only ones stalked, yet that is not true. One of our every four cases involves a man being stalked.

Now that you understand some of the general behaviours common with stalkers, let’s look at how you can tell if you are really being stalked.

  • You are constantly seeing the same person around your work or home. Coincidences only go so far and after the second or third time, you need to consider you are being stalked.
  • You receive strange letters, emails, text messages, or gifts from an anonymous source.
  • You notice things in your home seem out of place or not where you left them.
  • You notice certain belongings are missing.
  • You see the same vehicle parked outside your work and home on a regular basis at different hours of the day and night.
  • You see questionable comments being posted on your social media sites..
  • You are receiving frequent phone calls.
  • You friends or relatives tell you they met your new friend, when you have no new friend.
  • You seem to be on a streak of bad luck, where different property you own is being vandalized, damaged, or destroyed.

Keep in mind each stalker has their own set of unique behaviours and the above information is for reference purposes only.

Some stalkers never contact their victims, while others can exhibit more aggressive tendencies. If you believe you are being stalked, call the Investigation Hotline now at 1-416-205-9114 and let our private investigators help you.

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