Valentine’s Day is Coming… Where is Your Partner?

February 14th. One of the most polarizing holidays in our calendar. Many people look forward to the occasion and celebrate it with chocolates, hearts, candy and quality time with their loved one. Others wish the holiday didn’t exist all together. This Hallmark holiday is generally associated with love, affection and couples who want to celebrate their connection with flowers, gifts and fancy dinners. However, ironically, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year for cheating and infidelity.

Feedback from dating studies and statistics on cheating websites indicate that although most holidays are a time for family, Valentine’s Day is the one holiday that is dominated by infidelity, cheating and affairs. Reports from popular cheating sites across the globe, including Ashley Madison, share that a large number of individuals having an affair would prefer to spend their Valentine’s Day with the person they are cheating with as opposed to their partner, and that a large portion of individuals in fact act on this feeling.

If you have a nagging feeling that your partner’s eye is wandering (or has already wandered all the way into someone else’s bedroom), Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to catch your cheating partner in the act. Here are some signs to be aware of this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Valentine’s Day is rife with individual’s purchasing flowers, chocolates and other fancy gifts for their significant other. While they may be able to get away with merely giving you a card and a cheap box of chocolates, they are more likely to spend good money on their affair partner and give them a decent gift. You should be able to find evidence of this spending somewhere, whether it be on credit card statements or bank statements leading up to Valentine’s Day. Keep an eye out for charges accrued from jewelry stores, florists, spas, restaurants or women’s stores.
  2. Because Valentine’s Day is a time for gifts, be aware of the gifts your partner receives as well, as these can be proof of his or her infidelity. Are they wearing a new cologne or perfume? Sporting a new piece of clothing that you didn’t know they purchased? A new watch or jewelry that they suddenly bought for themselves?
  3. Looking for other places to find the gifts they either gave or received from their extramarital partner? Check their car, their wallet, their pockets, purse, briefcase. Check the closet, under the bed, at the back of their desk drawers and in the pantry. They are likely to try and conceal these gifts before and after the holiday, so you may need to do a little sleuthing to find the evidence.
  4. 4. Did your partner buy you an unexpectedly extravagant gift this year? Did they shower you with more attention or gifts than you normally receive on Valentine’s Day? This could be a sign of their guilt of their infidelity and a way to try and buy back or solidify your love.

This year, catch your cheating partner in the act during Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have enough tools in your toolbelt to accomplish this, give the investigators at Investigation Hotline a call, and have a professional, discrete and licensed Private Investigator catch the cheater for you.