Private Investigators with Hearts of Gold Save a Beloved Cat

An Ontario cat breeder recently reached out to the Investigation Hotline, marking one of the most touching cases in the agency’s 30-year history. The breeder’s beloved grey cat had fallen into the hands of a dishonest reseller, prompting a compassionate rescue mission. She asked our private investigators to save her cat.

Like many breeders, the individual sold adorable kittens online, believing they found loving homes. Trouble arose when a buyer interested in a 5-month-old grey kitten turned out to be a deceptive reseller. The buyer assured the breeder that the little friend would reside in a spacious and comfortable home.

Upon receiving $400 from the buyer, the breeder handed over the kitten, bidding what seemed like an ordinary farewell. However, a short while later, the breeder stumbled upon advertisements selling a grey fluffy cat. As she scrutinized the photo, a sinking feeling set in — it was the same kitten from her cattery, and it didn’t look as well-cared-for as before.

Masquerading breeder

The new owner, masquerading as a breeder, listed the kitten for $800. The age of the pet was intentionally misrepresented, and the breed was inaccurately stated to fetch a higher price. Realizing the pet had fallen into the hands of a scammer, the breeder turned to the Investigation Hotline for assistance.

Despite initial attempts to reclaim the cat, the breeder faced silence from the new owner. The dedicated team launched an inquiry and successfully rescued the lovely pet, turning a distressing situation into a heartwarming success. The breeder expressed gratitude with a glowing 5-star review, praising the Investigation Hotline for their compassionate and effective approach.

Client Testimonial: Private Investigators Save My Cat

Unbelievable amazing fantastic, truly compassionate and understanding!!! I am so happy that I called them. Recommend any day. Investigation Hotline takes personal approach to the problem and provide great results within short period of time. Gabriel went above and beyond to help us in difficult situation. The problem was resolved the very same day at the end of the day.

Gabriel, you are the best, God bless you!”

This case emphasizes the importance of ethical practices in the breeding industry and the necessity for vigilance among pet lovers to ensure the well-being of their furry companions.

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