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What are Location Services?

What are Location Services?

Location services is the legal process of locating a person’s whereabouts, a process often used by private investigators for their clients. This search could be for a debtor who has gone MIA, a long lost loved one or birth parent, a spouse who is skipping alimony, a witness for a legal case that has decided to skip town, etc. This process is used not only by private investigators, but by law enforcement, collection agencies, bounty hunters and journalists as well.

A private investigator will utilize all of their resources, connections, technology and investigative expertise to locate an individual if their client is unable to do so with their own means. A PI will locate  the person or their contact details so that they may put their client in contact with the individual. This process includes identifying the person’s background information (name, birthday, employment records, credit reports, travel records, etc.), current address and contact information. 

A PI will utilize public records, court records, investigator databases, social media tracking and will interview colleagues and neighbours of the person of interest to collect any and all available information. They may also monitor areas in with the individual was commonly seen or frequented. What largely separates a PI conducting this type of research from a civilian is the ability and know-how to go through the motions legally. A background in local and federal laws regarding everything from surveillance to privacy laws is of utmost importance.

If you know of someone who has fallen off the grid, or need to locate someone who is avoiding you for legal reasons, the safest and most efficient way to locate this individual is to hire a private investigator to find people for you.