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7 Things You May Not Have Known About Private Investigators

There are many myths that exist about private investigators. You may have pre-conceived assumptions that private detectives drive around in a red ferrari spying on dangerous criminals. In the odd case, this might be true. In general, however, it isn’t. Here are 7 things you may have not known about private investigators:


  1. They protect small businesses – Owning a small business is a major responsibility. It can be a large stress on the owner. Leveraging a private investigator, small business owners are able to vet potential employees to ensure they get thorough background checks on individuals. In modern times, small business owners value having contributing employees who positively impact their bottom line. When hiring, private detectives can ease the risk and stress by getting their due diligence done properly.

  2. Vetting Babysitters – Leaving your kids and family in the right hands is very important and can be stressful to parents. It’s difficult to know what goes on when you leave your precious child in the hands of another human being. By hiring a firm like Investigation Hotline, you can ensure your nannies and babysitters are taking care of your child properly. You gain the peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and getting the best care possible.

  3. Online Dating – Whether or not you’ve tried it, online dating is a new fad that is here to stay. However, online dating can also be dangerous and should be approached with caution. Even if you are careful, you may be putting your personal safety at risk by meeting another stranger. Private detectives can give you the peace of mind that the person you are dating is who they say they are, and not a known criminal, for example.

  4. Custody Battles and Divorces – When it comes to custody arrangements and divorces, your child’s safety should be your utmost concern. Using a private investigator can ensure that your former husband/wife is abiding by the court ordered custody agreement. If need be, private detectives can provide legal proof in the form of pictures and video that is admissible in court.

  5. Issues of Domestic Violence – Whether or not you’re aware, domestic violence is a serious and prevalent issue. It affects millions of people in North America each year. By hiring a PI, you can make sure that a loved one is safe at times of fear and worry about another individual’s safety. Alternatively, Investigation Hotline can also help victims of domestic violence and identify when people may be at risk of such abuse.

  6. Reverse Call Services – Do you ever get random calls from the same number that you don’t recognize? You may try to search the internet for such a phone number, but your searches yield you no results. Who is calling you and what do they want? Private Investigators have the ability to identify names attached to phone numbers to solve your mystery.

  7. Investigation of Investments – If you’re an investor, dumping money into a project or company can be extremely risky and potentially hazardous. You want to know everything that you can before making an informed business decision. If you don’t, you risk being scammed out of your hard earned cash. Private investigators can help you research companies thoroughly so that you can have peace of mind that your money is being used in the best way possible.