Fact #11 Private Investigators use social media as a database

Be aware of unknown people accounts in social media

There are many fake accounts on social media, and when you see nice-looking blondes or brunettes, handsome guys, or just someone whose interests look like your own, it could be a private investigator, which is gathering information about one person or a group of people. Since case subjects probably won’t accept a friend request from a PI, they use fake accounts to connect with them or their friends who potentially can know or even share some useful information.

Positive examples of using fake social media accounts by private investigators

In some cases the use of fake social media accounts by private investigators could be possible within the bounds of the law and with the appropriate permissions and authorizations. There here are some positive examples of this practice being used for good, such as:

Child Recovery: In cases where a child has been abducted by a parent or family member and taken to a foreign country, private investigators have used fake social media accounts to gain information about the abductor’s whereabouts and movements, leading to successful recoveries of the child.

Infidelity Investigations: Private investigators have used fake social media accounts to catch cheating spouses or partners. By posing as a potential love interest or using other tactics, investigators have gathered evidence that has helped their clients in divorce or custody proceedings.

Missing Persons: Private investigators have used fake social media accounts to gather information about missing persons. By posing as a friend or acquaintance of the missing person, investigators have been able to get in touch with people who may have seen or interacted with the missing person, leading to new leads in the case.

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