FAQ #5 Is it possible to hire a private investigator through a figurehead according to Canadian Law?

Who can hire Private Investigator in Canada

According to Canadian law, there are no specific regulations that prohibit hiring a private investigator through a figurehead.

Reasons behind using a figurehead for Private Investigations

There may be a variety of reasons why someone might consider hiring a private investigator through a figurehead. One possibility could be for privacy or confidentiality reasons. For example, a high-profile individual or a business owner may want to keep their involvement in an investigation confidential and may use a figurehead to protect their identity.

Another reason someone might hire a private investigator through a figurehead is if they are not able to communicate directly with the investigator. For example, if someone is in a witness protection program or is otherwise unable to make contact with the investigator themselves, they may use a figurehead to act as a liaison.

Potential risk to hire Private Investigator via figurehead

It is important to note that while there may be legitimate reasons for using a figurehead to hire a private investigator, it could compromise the accuracy and effectiveness of the investigation and potentially lead to legal and ethical issues, as the investigator may not have access to all the relevant information or may encounter difficulties communicating with the figurehead.

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