FAQ #18 Do Private Investigators believe in ghosts?

Investigating paranormal phenomena

Some detectives specialize in investigating paranormal phenomena. Their job is to investigate mysterious events that have no apparent logical or scientific explanation. Using high-tech equipment, they can establish the cause of seemingly inexplicable events. For instance, strange creaks and rustles in a house can be explained by regular flooding of the foundation with groundwater, and scary night laughter can be explained by the barking of a fox.

A murdered man and movement of the corpse’s hand investigation

For example, a Private Investigator, who also worked as a Paranormal Specialist were once called to a private house with a wooden floor. A murdered man was found in this house. When the medical examiner tried to approach the corpse to examine it, his hand went up. Everyone was in shock, except for the detective. He walked from one end of the room to the other and then explained everything: the wooden floorboards were very long, and some of them were not fixed with nails. When the police walked, they stepped on one end of the boards, causing the other ends to rise or wobble and with it the hand, which was partially lying there. The room was a mess, things were scattered, and it was impossible to get close at that moment. Therefore, the reason for the movement of the corpse’s hand was not immediately apparent.

Any strange phenomenon can be understood. Are you worried about something? Give us a call, and let’s figure it out together.

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