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Is My Partner Using Facebook … to Cheat?

During these times of turmoil due to COVID-19, people are quarantined and fighting boredom much more than usual. As such, many people are looking for excitement and action outside of the home. Social media can be a great platform for those looking to cheat.

It’s no surprise that with the evolution of the internet and social media that people are finding newer and more sophisticated ways to cheat on their partners. Providing us with proximity and intimacy with someone who may be miles away, many possibilities to cheat are opened up that may not have existed otherwise. While the traditional forms of cheating include (but are not limited to) sex outside the relationship, fostering intimate relationships with someone else and hiding secret bank accounts, a newer form of infidelity has emerged and been coined as “digital flirtation”.

While physical flirtation can be fleeting and superficial, digital flirtation is more discreet and can be much more devastating. It can look like extended communication with flirty messages or undertones through social media, text and emails. When someone becomes accessible to you 24/7 through these means, it can increase temptation, emotional connection and often increase the chances that it will develop into a full-blown affair.

While these signs are not incriminating evidence against your partner, they may be important to look out for as indications that your partner may be cheating on you through Facebook:

  1. Is your partner lost in thought while on their phone? Are they unwilling to share with you who they are communicating with or what they are communicating about?

  2. Are they getting texts or messages at all hours, including late at night?

  3. You see your partner on Facebook but when they notice your presence, they quickly close the application and pretend they were not on it.

  4. He or she is very physically possessive of their phone or their other electronic devices.

  5. You notice that people are commenting on his or her Facebook wall/posts and sharing inside jokes, even though you do not know who they are. Even worse: your partner gets defensive when you ask about it.

  6. Do you notice your partner liking or commenting on one specific person’s posts more frequently than before?

  7. Has your partner reconnected with an “old friend” or an “old flame” on Facebook?

  8. Your partner becomes defensive when you confront them about the amount of time they spend on their phone or devices.

  9. If you try to talk to your partner about their phone use, they try to accuse you of your “bad behaviour”.

If you notice several of these signs and are worried that your partner may be fostering a secret, online relationship, a private investigator can be a useful tool to get to the bottom of it. A PI is well-versed in infidelity and cheating patterns, and will be able to use investigative techniques and tools to dig up dirt on your partner’s online double-life.