Locate, Asset Recovery and Enforcement Services at Investigation Hotline

Investigation Hotline provides a multitude of services including locate, asset recovery and enforcement. We are able to track, locate and recover assets all over the world. Whether your interest is individual or corporate, we seek out tangible assets such as bank accounts, property, equipment and vehicles. This service is tailored towards clients looking for assistance in their financial transactions with corporations or individuals and aids clients in determining the financial strength of the person or business they are dealing with. Additionally, this service can be used for judgement enforcement to assist customers who have secured a court ordered judgement for obtaining tangible assets from a third party.

Our locate services help our clients who need to locate the current address and contact details of an individual or corporation. Using internal and external resources, Investigation Hotline can perform professional location services to assist in all matters such as serving a claim, or tracking down an individual for financial recovery services. All of our locate services are performed by experienced private investigators with decades of experience.

Our experienced staff of professional trackers and private detectives are dedicated to accurate asset determination and security location throughout Canada, the United States and abroad. We provide full written reports along with supporting documentation and search information to clients who leverage us in Tracking, Location and Recovery engagements.

Some of our Asset Recovery Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Locate and serve defendants
  • Locate personal and corporate assets
  • Locate loan security assets
  • Background and due diligence checks
  • Credit checks
  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Bank reference checks
  • Trace and establish a paper trail
  • Locate unclaimed assets
  • Identify intact and converted assets
  • Perform discreet interviews
  • Phone number reversal
  • Property searches