Medical Malpractice Investigation

Navigating Medical Malpractice Investigation: The Crucial Role of Private Investigators

Winning a Medical Malpractice Claim is Difficult, but Possible. Hire Private Investigator.

Securing victory in a medical malpractice claim is an uphill battle for patients. According to the CMPA’s 2019 Annual Report, of 775 resolved legal actions, only 5 patients emerged victorious at trial, while a staggering 438 cases were dismissed or abandoned. With less than 1% of claims won by patients at trial and over 50% discontinued, the odds are challenging. Because of a growing patient population the number of physicians in Canada increased by 38%. However, the total number of medical malpractice lawsuits has surprisingly fallen by 5.4% – compromised by lack of investigation.

Uncovering Errors: The Complex Journey

Identifying potential medical errors and delving into the specific type of malpractice demands a meticulous approach. For instance, that combines investigative skills, medical expertise, and collaboration with professionals. Private Investigators play a pivotal role in this process, commencing with a detailed consultation to grasp the circumstances surrounding the potential medical error.

During this phase, Private Investigators gather crucial information about the patient’s medical history, the involved healthcare provider, administered treatments, and any adverse outcomes. Collaborating with medical professionals, they review medical records, deciphering timelines, treatments, medications, and any deviations from standard protocols.

In-Depth Medical Malpractice Investigation: Piecing Together the Puzzle

To gain valuable insights, Private Investigators conduct interviews with individuals present during medical procedures, including healthcare professionals, nurses, staff, and even the patient’s family members. These firsthand accounts provide a comprehensive understanding of the events in question.

Private Investigators play a crucial role in verifying credentials. They confirm the credentials and qualifications of healthcare professionals by checking licensing boards, certifications, and any history of disciplinary actions. They conduct extensive research on the medical facility’s reputation, history of malpractice claims, and relevant news articles, contributing to a broader context for the investigation.

Surveillance: Unveiling Negligence

In certain cases, surveillance becomes a powerful tool to observe the activities and behaviors of healthcare providers or facilities where negligence or malpractice is suspected. This additional layer of scrutiny ensures a thorough examination of potential wrongdoing.

Documenting Deviations: Building a Strong Case

Private Investigators work to determine the standard of care applicable to specific medical procedures or treatments. Any deviations from this standard are meticulously documented, covering errors in diagnosis, surgical procedures, medication administration, or communication with the patient. Collaboration with legal professionals specializing in medical malpractice ensures that the investigation aligns with potential legal proceedings.

Therefore, the culmination of these efforts results in a comprehensive report. In fact, there are encompassing a clear narrative of events, supporting documentation, expert opinions, and any information strengthening the case. While winning a medical malpractice claim remains a formidable challenge, the role of Private Investigators proves invaluable in navigating the complexities, unveiling truths, and advocating for justice in the face of adversity.

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