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Signs Your Partner May Be Having an Affair

24 Warning Signs That Your Partner May Be Having an Affair

The following is a list of potential warning signs that your significant other may be cheating on you. However, if you’ve observed these signs in your partner, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve committed infidelity. The accumulation of the below factors may contribute to an increased likelihood of immoral behaviour.

  1. Your partner has become lazy with chores around the house.

  2. They become overly conscious about their appearance.

  3. Cell phone records indicate unfamiliar calls of long duration.

  4. Their work habits suddenly change (frequent business trips, longer hours, etc).

  5. Partner commonly inquires about your schedule.

  6. Carries more cash than usual.

  7. You notice deleted web browsing history.

  8. Car mileage is accumulating faster than usual.

  9. They purchase Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

  10. You become infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

  11. Partner begins using a new email account.

  12. Credit card statements indicate unusual charges.

  13. A sudden loss of interest and affection towards you.

  14. Unusual amounts of time spent on the internet (especially while you may be sleeping).

  15. Sudden changes in his or her appearance.

  16. They become emotionally distant or reserved.

  17. Partner shows guilt-ridden behaviour (showering you with affection for no reason).

  18. Unexplained, unusual or secretive patterns of behaviour.

  19. They become less available to spend time with you.

  20. They’re frequently unreachable or unavailable.

  21. Your intuition or “gut feeling” tells you that something’s going on.

  22. Changes in sexual behaviour (such as loss of sex drive or an dramatic increase).

  23. Partner is overly defensive.

  24. A new man or woman enters his or her life.

If you suspect your partner may be having an affair, we have experts on call that can answer all of your questions with their knowledge and decades of experience. We confirm suspicions, gather evidence if in fact there is improper conduct. Prove it before you accuse it!