Types of Background Checks a Private Investigator Can Perform for You

, , | 22/05/2018

Conducting background checks is more important today than at any time in the past. Whether you are talking about a possible romantic opportunity, a new job, or some sort of investment, it pays to know that the other party is being truthful. Your best bet is to hire a private investigator who knows how to find out everything you need to know. Here’s what the right PI can do for you.

Why a Background Check?

A background check determines if the information provided by the other party is true and complete. Doing so helps you know if placing trust in that individual or entity is really in your best interests. At the very least, you can choose to proceed with a full knowledge of what has gone before and what could happen again.

Employers, property managers, financial lenders, and investors are all likely to conduct background checks. Employees may hire a private investigator to look into an employer who appears to be offering a position that’s too good to be true. Parents will certainly want to have prospective caregivers for children or the elderly checked before offering positions. Even a background check before getting married can head off some serious marital issues.

The Most Common Background Checks

Several types of background checks are offered by most private investigators:

  • Employment – Employer verifying data on a prospective employee or a job seeker confirming data on a possible employer.
  • Marriage – learning if there is anything the prospective spouse isn’t sharing.
  • Business/Financial – determining if there are factors that would make doing business with a company or investing in that company an unwise move. These include bankruptcies, debt, and poor credit.
  • Criminal – seeking information on past offenses that were conveniently not discussed or delving deeper into situations that were shared.
  • Educational – confirming attendance and degrees earned.
  • Skill Sets – making sure the skills claimed for previous positions is fact rather than fiction.

Discrepancies That a Check Can Reveal

It’s normal for people to present themselves in the best possible light. Sometimes that effort takes on the form of omitting information or outright lies. An investigator can uncover:

  • Degrees, licenses, and work-related certifications that are bogus
  • Incomplete or false work history
  • Any previous brushes with the law or civil suits that were left unmentioned.
  • Personal debt/bankruptcy/general financial issues that were not revealed
  • Mental health issues, including commitment to an institution
  • Former marriages or children that were never brought up

Won’t Online Background Checks Be Enough?

Online programs for background checks are not likely to tell the whole story. In some cases, the information is old, no longer relevant, or is incorrectly associated with the wrong person. Not all checks do a great job of verifying academic histories, specifics about jobs, or civil and criminal issues. By contrast, a private investigator knows how to confirm every detail collected and will provide a report that’s accurate, current, and complete.

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