Ethics Within The Private Investigative Industry

, | 20/08/2018

Throughout the last few decades, Investigation Hotline has witnessed and heard hundreds of stories and feedback about other investigative agencies in the Greater Toronto Area. Today, we would like to detail concerning themes that we’ve learned about some of our competitors. We have opted not to include any specific names but instead, highlight trends in the industry.

Many private detectives do not advise their clients properly and will not provide all of the customer’s options to them. Investigators default to selling surveillance instead of taking the time to uncover what the best solution might be. Rather than taking a consultative approach, private investigators skim over important details and do not probe clients to understand key details that may affect the case’s outcome.

Investigative agencies also have a tendency to overpromise and under deliver. They guarantee long term, sustainable and impactful results. Instead, because they’ve failed to take a consultative approach and understand the issue from a holistic standpoint, they offer band aid solutions. These temporary solutions may benefit their client in the short term, but these issues are likely to resurface and cause even more emotional and financial hardship in the long haul.

Another reason why private detective agencies fall short is a lack of experience, wisdom or desire to solve the heart of the issue. Some investigators, through no fault of their own, lack the expertise required to take care of the long term interest of the client and others involved. They ignore very important questions such as – what is the ripple effect and societal consequences with family, co-workers, employers, and the public eye? Other detectives may have the experience and wisdom necessary, but fail to make the effort to solve their client’s true problems.

Sadly, another tactic used by some investigators is to pray on vulnerability. Often times, clients reach out for help in times of great need and are desperate for professional assistance. Sensing that desperation, detectives may take advantage of their clients and either misdiagnose their issue and/or sell unnecessary services that may not be required to solve the customer’s issue.

To get a sense of this for yourself, feel free to research some other private detective agencies. It’s quite easy to spot their shady marketing and sales techniques. Some devious digital tactics include creating multiple Google Plus listings to misrepresent the size of the agency, and publishing FAKE customer reviews to misguide the public opinion of the business.

Unlike some of our competitors, we take a much more honest and holistic approach. When a client calls us, we take the time to examine all options and keep things as simple as possible. Leveraging a consultative approach, we get to the root of the problem and offer the most time efficient, sensitive and cost effective solution. We rely on a combined 1000 years or more of legal and forensic experience, representing several agencies across various sectors. Feel free to call us any time at 416-205-9144.

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