Unusual Signs Your Partner is Cheating

, , , | 08/09/2021

We see it in the movies and on television. We hear our friends gossip about it. We may even have it happen to someone close to us. But no one ever expects that they will be the one cheated on.

Being cheated on often comes as a shock. How did you miss all of the signs? Sometimes it is the small, unusual red flags that people are unaware of that betray their partner is cheating on them. These are some unusual signs of infidelity that you may (understandably) overlook:

1. Your partner has become jealous and overprotective of you. You may instinctively perceive this as your partner being overly attached to you, but it could have the opposite meaning. If they have already violated your trust, they may assume that you are likely to do the same.

2. Your partner is suddenly more physically intimate with you. While this may be perceived as a renewed interest in you or your relationship, it could in fact be their guilt showing up.

3. Similarly, they are suddenly more romantic or affectionate. Another manifestation of guilt, your partner may have this sudden behaviour shift because they are trying to overcompensate for spending their time elsewhere or trying to mislead you into thinking that they are still very much interested and invested in your relationship.

4. They are more interested in going on adventures with you. This sign is very easy to miss because it could bring a lot of joy into your life. But if your partner is suddenly wanting to try new things and go on new adventures, it could be a sign that they are enjoying the thrill of cheating so much that they are trying to capture it in other areas of their life as well.

5. They are avoiding both small and large commitments. While it may be obvious that your partner is not invested in your relationship when they avoid making large joint purchases, you need to keep an eye out for avoidance of small commitments, such as having dinner with your parents or taking a trip together. Even the avoidance of small commitments can indicate that they are no longer interested in the relationship in the long run.

6. Their posture has changed. More particularly, they are slouching more. Slouching into the fetal position can indicate shame or guilt.

Sometimes all it takes is a gut feeling that something is wrong with your partner or your relationship. If you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful, you may be tempted to look for evidence to prove yourself right (or maybe even to prove yourself wrong). Although this is understandable, it may be better to turn to a professional to conduct an investigation tactfully and legally. Consider calling a private investigator Toronto at Investigation Hotline to get to the bottom of it for you.

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