How Can Online Reviews Affect My Business?

| 30/07/2015

How Can Online Reviews Affect My Business?

In today’s modern internet age where social media and consumer generated content is now dominant, many business owners are beginning to realize the impact that online reviews can have on their business. Customers are now talking about you online more and more so the old adage that “good news travels fast and bad news travels faster” has never been more pertinent than it is today.

More than ever before, online reviews can have a significant impact on whether or not a potential client chooses to do business with you.

The way customers are being influenced to choose one company over another is changing dramatically as was reflected in a recent Nielsen poll. 70% of the people polled admitted that they trust what other customers are posting online. Whether there are good reviews or bad reviews, customers are reading them and formulating an opinion about your company.

Google takes this even further with fraud checks in place. When a search of a local business is performed, the results can include not only the company’s website and contact info but also a variety of online reviews from many different sources. With google, reviews in the search results are proven to drive traffic to your website which can invariably lead to excellent client relations.

The way you handle a bad review can also have as much effect on the potential customer as the review itself. It is really important to vigilantly monitor your reviews to try to rectify any complaints or misconceptions. Remember, your potential customers are also watching how you handle questions or concerns.

There is also nothing wrong with encouraging your clients to post reviews for you. The positive reviews will inevitably overshadow the one or two negative reviews that you may get from time to time.

Remember, the business community has never been more interactive than it is today. The reviews and discussions about your business online are more permanent and can be used as a tool that can help you to shape your business model and tailor your services to your target market in ways that were never available before.

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