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Workplace Affairs – Should You Be Worried?

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Have a crush on someone at work? It’s not uncommon; it has happened to all of us at one point or another. Crushes are okay, but acting on them when you are in a committed relationship with someone else is not. Because of the availability, close proximity and amount of time people spend with their coworkers, cheating with someone from your place of work is one of the most common forms of infidelity reported by men and women across North America.

Suspicious that your partner may have started up another relationship with someone at work? Know the signs that their eyes and hands may have wandered:

1) Your partner is spending longer hours at work. Sometimes this may actually be due to an increased amount of work or pressure they are feeling in their role. However, if they are unable to share with you exactly what they are working on or why they need to stay so late, or if they are not interested in talking with you about it when you ask, it may be a red flag that they have found another reason to spend more time there.

2) He or she travels frequently for business. This could also come with the territory, but if they do not communicate with you while they are away or if they refuse to share hotel information, this could indicate that they are hiding something.

3) Your partner no longer wants to discuss their work. Because work is such a huge part of someone’s life, it is normal to discuss it with a partner. If your girlfriend or boyfriend suddenly stops talking about work all together, this could indicate there has been a significant change… a change they are feeling guilty about.
4) Their wardrobe has changed. Suddenly caring more about what they look like at work? Unless they received a promotion, be wary.

5) He or she frequently talks about their coworkers – or worse, they avoid talking about them at all. It should be a red flag if your partner becomes preoccupied with someone from work. Alternatively, if they avoid talking about him or her at all, that could mean they are hiding their feelings about this person, are feeling guilty, or want to avoid the surfacing of a particular story or incident.

6) You hear gossip from your partner’s other coworkers. Workplace gossip is rampant. It has reached your ears that your partner now has a “work-wife” or “work-husband”, but when you ask your partner, they get weird about it. While it may just be gossip, take it with a grain of salt.

Know the signs. Get help. Call a private investigator. Take action.